Six Finishes - A Look for Every Occasion

The Ratchet Ring is machined in highly durable and corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel for a smooth, frictionless action and distinct, tactile clicks.

The Black Edition has a Diamond Like Carbon [DLC] coating for a deep black finish that never peels or scratches.

Ratchet Ring V2



A Tool For Composure

The Ratchet Ring is a tool. A tool to finally get rid of the leg shaking, finger tapping, and other forms of nervous fidgeting we do to entertain our body.

Experience the effects of superior stimulation from the rewarding clicks of the Ratchet Ring - without neglecting your body language.




The missing part of your
everyday essentials

The Ratchet Ring is that thing you never knew you needed, but once you have it, you can't imagine going a day without it.

Bored? Click the ring.

Anxious? Click the ring.

Distracted? You know what to do.

Perfect for...


The tactile stimulation can essentially distract you from distractions and help you laser-focus onto the task at hand.

Winding Down

Put your feet up on the table, close your eyes, turn the ring, feel the feedback from each click - and enjoy some final clarity of thought gifted to you by the hypnotic clicks.

The Daily Commute

Entertain your hands with the simple pleasure of clicking your Ratchet Ring anytime you're bored.

"Even if you don’t have anxiety and you just want to find a way to laser focus on tasks that you need to do, this is actually helpful in ways that you probably don’t even imagine."

- Mikey Mesina, @mikeydailycarry

Father & Son Team

On a quest to achieve the perfect clicks

Over a course of 1.5 years we went through 4 engineers and 3 manufacturers to achieve the perfect fit in parts, crisp sound, and pure mechanical tactility that we had envisioned from the start.

Then we did it again, crafting the improved Version 2 [V2] that is now enjoyed by thousands of people in over 60 nations.

The Ratchet Ring is CNC machined out of four different parts, resulting in a superior build quality that is thoroughly enjoyed in each click.

By hand assembling and Quality Checking in-house, we ensure you receive a masterpiece of engineering and machining, made to last a lifetime.

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