• Tactile Beauty

    Let the hypnotic clicks guide you into your flow state. 

  • Discreet

    Enjoy the stimulation without drawing attention. 

  • Tool For Focus

    The stimulation can help your brain fully engage on your main focus.

  • Premium Build

    Precision CNC machined for a premium build quality.

New In: Desk Stand V1

Proudly display your Ratchet Ring with the limited Desk Stand V1 - an elevated version of the 3D-printed tool included in all orders, now doubling as a sturdy desk stand.

Available in stainless steel and brass.

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One Turn And Everything Clicks.

The Ratchet Ring turns and clicks in one direction, producing calming tactile stimulation that supports relaxation & focus.

  • Custom Click-Tech™ mechanics create the most blissful, tactile clicks ever.
  • Wearable: can't forget it if you're wearing it.
  • Mechanical excellence, around your finger.

The Ratchet Ring In Action

Black Edition - more durable, smoother action.

The Ratchet Ring Black Edition has a DLC [Diamond Like Carbon] coating that not only gives the ring its new color, but also comes with benefits such as:

  • Superior scratch and wear resistance (highly durable)
  • Low friction coefficient (silky smooth action)
  • Increased hardness (no worries about an occasional drop)
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The Ratchet Ring can boost focus by offering consistent stimulation without the need for thought or advanced action. It can essentially distract your mind from distractions.


Let the blissful clicks act as a discreet outlet of nervous energy. Breathe with the clicks and feel the calming effect over your mind and body.


Savor the moment. Each turn of the Ratchet Ring brings you a feeling of pure mechanical excellence.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We stand by our creation. If there's ever an issue, we'll make it right.

  • Size Exchanges

    Size swaps to in-stock sizes are always available.

  • 90 Day Returns

    You can return your Ratchet Ring within 90 days of its arrival.