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Desk Stand V1

Desk Stand V1


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The original tool, but in an elevated full metal finish.

CNC-machined out of a single chunk of metal, doubling as a sturdy desk stand.

Aesthetically and conveniently display your Ratchet Ring whenever you're not wearing it.

Perfect for the desk or nightstand.

Limited quantities available, may not restock.

Ratchet Ring not included. Brass is a patina metal - small blemishes may occur.

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    We stand by our creation. If there's ever an issue, we'll make it right.

  • Size Exchanges

    Size swaps to in-stock sizes are always available.

  • 30 Day Returns

    You can return your Ratchet Ring within 30 days of its arrival.

Based on 134 reviews
Ratchet Ring V2
Joshua Johnson
Love it!

I love this ring! I have matte black and it looks elegant and compact. No one could tell there is a ratcheting mechanism in there. It is very smooth and satisfying. Don’t take my word for it, order one and see. Currently, mine is on its way to get exchanged for a different size. Can’t wait to get it back! Getting the size right has been my only situation with this ring and I was fully expecting it to not be a perfect fit first go around.

Fantastic product!

Extremely high quality materials, and it clicks exactly as expected. I've so far been able to quit biting my nails, which has been a challenging lifelong battle! I'm happily surprised how much the ring has helped, and now my hands don't hurt or bleed anymore from being picked at. Funny how simple of a solution this turned out to be! Highly recommend as an outlet for anxious energy.

I cannot say enough good things about this company and their great rings!! August and his company are TOP-shelf and the ring they make is beautiful and better than awesome! If you are looking for a way to ease your anxiety, BUY THIS RING! You won’t regret it!

Ratchet Ring Review

I do enjoy my Ratchet Ring very much. The Ring so far seems to be very good quality, everything as expected. As i needed a size exchange, i can assure that this process works very well. Very nice and friendly contact to the company.

Ratchet Ring V2
Vova Atamas
Black machine finish

Great improvement! Amazing sound and feeling with every click!

Item not received but customer service is good

Item was never received but customer service - August refunded me promptly. I will wait a few more weeks and will consider buying another if it doesn't turn up.

Amazing fidget ring!

The ring’s really great! Excellent build quality, an exceptionally satisfying tactile feel and amazing customer service. Makes it well worth the price.

Ratchet Ring V2
Jeffrey Taddeo
An amazingly Awesome ring

Such a beautiful ring with so many advantages for calming anxiety!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS RING! Well done!


Super quick delivery, and works a charm! I have super bad anxiety and used to bite my nails all the time. But now, I can spin this and it’s made my nails look a whole lot better. 100% best purchase for my nails.

Ratchet Ring V2 in Black Matte is a true „Handschmeichler“

“Handschmeichler” is a German word which describes a very smooth item, like a round washed stone, a very even and unruffled piece of wood, or glossy jewelry without any edges. Closest translation into English would be hand flatterer, hand charmer, hand pleaser, or: worry stone. Very well built, extremely smooth touch and clicking. And because of that it is very satisfying and soothing.

So happy I pulled the trigger and it arrived very fast in 2 days.

But it might have been a “bad idea”, because I’m thinking already of getting another one… 😉

Fantastic Ring

Normally not a ring person. But i love the feel of this ring

Ratchet Ring V2
Jack Arnold
Stopped me biting, chewing and picking

I love this ring. It has helped me to stop biting my nails, I don’t pick or chew, I ratchet!
I also love that it’s discrete. When I’m in meetings I can slowly click it and no one’s any the wiser, much more professional than a fidget spinner or some stress ball or toy.
The quality is also excellent, it survived going through the washing machine no problem and it feels like it will last forever.

Ratchet Ring V2
Michael Newburg
Great quality, fit great


Ratchet Ring V2
Benjamin J Coles
Well good.

Masterfully engineered and expertly crafted. The Ratcher Ring V2 is the physical of embodiment of class and grace.

High quality item

I am very happy with the product. I’ve wanted to buy this for a couple years, but the price has always scared me away. Also, the fact that I didn’t wear rings added to that so when I saw that there was a holiday discount, I decided to finally buy it. As soon as I got it, my first thought it was a bit wide (probably the fact that I dont wear rings) but after wearing it for a couple days, it kept feeling smaller and smaller until it was barely noticeable. I’ve been wearing nonstop for around seven days and I constantly fidget. While driving, reading or doing other activities. The sound is very nice and rewarding. After sometime you need to clean it, instructions are provided in the box and the cleaning process is very straightforward and simple. The price makes sense once you get the ring in your own hands and see, feel all the precision engineering with very small tolerances and the mirror finish on the outside of the ring. So the summit up I am very happy with this fidget item and I can only be sad that I hadn’t bought it before when I had my exams in Uni which would’ve helped be more calm at.

When I encountered a problem with the ring after damaging a part during reassembly. I emailed them and got a heistily response. They offered to ship me a new replacement part free of charge! Didnt expect that what so ever and was very pleased with it. After receiving the part and installing it the ring is good as new.

Ratchet Ring V2
Yuvraj Prabhakar
Awesome customer support !

I bought my ring last month and faced an issue with the springs and movement, which was generously solved by the team even though it was during the holiday season. Got new pair of springs and i cant stop playing. The haptics are just enough to get you going in the moment, being it single hand play or safe clicking with the other hand. Its an awesome experience everyone must have for once if you have anxiety or problem’s focusing ! Thank you team Project Ratchet for this 007 equipment !

Ratchet Ring V2
William Euker
Perfect Focus Ring

This Ring is perfect for keeping your hands busy and increasing focus. I play Darts semi professionally for a couple leagues in Philadelphia and relied on tossing a Bowling rosin bag between my hands to keep focus in between shooting turns. I had taken the Ring with me to the Philadelphia Dart Open a couple days ago and it did the job in place of the rosin bag. I felt way more comfortable in between shots and actually won some hard fought matches. Thanks August for creating this ring. Customer service is a 10/10

Great ring and fidget

I've worn this ring about everyday since its been received, and I enjoy using it very much. It is a well-machined, fashionable piece of jewelry- but the primary function of being able to fidget with it and constantly getting those haptic clicks (both the feel and sound) is the real reason this shines to me. I am glad to have an outlet for my energy/anxiety in the form of a discreet fidget, literally at my fingertips! Thanks for exactly the unique piece I've been looking for, highly recommended!

The customer service from August was also top notch- the teams communication is quick and second to none. Got a customer for life!

Ratchet Ring V2
Syed Reza Ali
So Clickly Soooo Good

Loving the rings, they are exactly what I need for my nervous energy. Great design, sound, finish and customer service. Thank You!

Ratchet Ring V2
Sofya Yulpatova

Ratchet Ring V2

Ratchet Ring V2
Hamza Abukhudair
1 week review

Hello, thank you for reaching out.
Here is my review of your product:
Very smooth on the skin and no irritation.
I have another ring which is the same size but the ratchet ring seems a tiny bit larger which made it harder to wear the ring on my preferred finger.
It made me play with the ring instead of reaching out for my phone.

I really like the ring except for the size thing

Nice ring

The ring is forged very well and the service provided for exchanging to a different size is also good.

Ratchet Ring V2
Jegyo Seo
Disappointing service

It's been a week since I sent the email to [****], and I've sent it twice, but I haven't received a reply yet.

Hi Jegyo,

August here from Project Ratchet. Thank you for leaving a review.

We always reply to emails within 48 hours - most often much less than this, but sometimes (very rarely) an email slips through the cracks and we accidentally miss it for a few days. I double and triple checked if we had missed anything from your name or email address, but I cannot find anything.

Please double check the spelling of the email you reached out to. If it indeed is correct, please re-send it to If you do not receive a reply there within 48 hours, please send us a personal message on Instagram, as we can assume there is something wrong with the email servers' communication.

I am so sorry the communication has not gone smoothly in this case. I sincerely appreciate your efforts to come in contact.

I wish you a wonderful 2024!
- August

Ratchet Ring V2
Ryan Radtke
Broke within first 2 weeks

I was wearing my ring and rotating it casually, when all of a sudden, one side of the inner rings just came off. I tried pushing it back into place but it won't stay.

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your review, and thank you for reaching out for help via email. We'll help you further over email to get your Ratchet Ring back in working condition as soon as possible.

I can assure you your Ratchet Ring is not broken - it just needs to be reassembled. It is possible that the synergy of the parts got affected if it suffered some kind of impact, such as being dropped or hit hard. The nature of the design of the Ratchet Ring does not allow it to spontaneously disassemble.

Re-assembly is easy but does require special instructions, which we have sent over via email.

Huge thanks and the whole team wishes you a wonderful new years!
- August

Ratchet Ring V2
brian siapno

I love the ring. Fit is perfect, click is perfect. Looking to buy 2 more.