Size Guide

Download our printable size guide here

If you have a ring that fits you like you want the Ratchet Ring to fit you, measure the inner diameter of the ring and compare it to the numbers in the chart below to determine your size. This is the safest and most accurate way to determine your ring size. 

*Please be careful about choosing the same size (7, 9, 13, etc.) as a ring you have. Sometimes different brands use different exact measurements for their ring sizes. Just because one brand's size 10 ring fits you well does not mean that the Ratchet Ring in size 10 will fit you well. 

Always measure your ring size according to our chart before placing an order. 

Watch our Size Guide in video format ↓

If you do not know your size, you can find out which Ratchet Ring would fit you best by following this process:

1. Grab a piece of string or strip of paper. 

2. Wrap it around the knuckle of the finger you’ll wear your ring on and mark the place where it intersects. 

3. Measure the length between the marks. Use the chart below to match the measurement (circumference) to the closest Ratchet Ring size. If you are just between two sizes, we recommend sizing up as fingers tend to swell when warm. 

Measure Multiple Times

Your fingers may change size during different times of the day and depending on whether you are warm or cold. To account for this, measure your ring size several times over the span of a day (morning, mid-day, evening). Try measuring when the temperature is both at its highest and its lowest.

The difference may not be huge, but it may very well be large enough to warrant choosing a size up.

*Due to the inherent difference in the shape and size of our fingers, no size guide is 100% accurate.