How long after ordering will I receive my product? 

Orders are shipped within 1 business day. Orders made before 11AM EST (business days) are generally processed the same day.

Average shipping times:

  • USA & Canada: 5-7 days
  • Australia & New Zealand: 5-12 days
  • Sweden & the other Nordic countries: 1-3 days
  • Rest of Europe: 3-7 days
  • South America: 7-10 days
  • Africa: 5-12 days
  • Asia: 5-12 days

What does the Lifetime Warranty mean?

We meticulously machine our products out of some of the best materials on Earth. That’s why each Ratchet Ring is guaranteed for a lifetime against defects in materials and craftsmanship.

In short - if anything happens with your Ratchet Ring over time, we will be there to help you. We handle this on a case by case basis, and every situation is different from the next. What they all have in common is that it ends with your Ratchet Ring back in pristine clicking condition.

This guarantee applies to handling under responsible use by it's original owner. Exposure to harsh chemicals or damage caused by high drops, extreme exposure to the elements, neglect, etc., will void the warranty. 

If your product doesn’t live up to what we said it would, simply contact us and we'll take care of you.

What is your return policy?

We have a 90-day return policy, meaning you have 90 days after receiving your order to request a return.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it (no scratches or other signs of wear) and in its original packaging. You’ll also need to provide a proof of purchase (order number). We reserve the right to refuse a return if the item in question is damaged.

To start a return, you can contact us at hello@projectratchet.com.

*Gift cards and items purchased with gift cards are non-refundable. Items purchased with gift cards are eligible for size exchanges. 

Which payment methods do you accept? 

We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Shop Pay, Union Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna (select countries checking out in Euro € or SEK), Bancontact (Belgium) and iDEAL (Netherlands).

All payments are securely encrypted by 128-bit SSL Encryption Technology.

Can I make changes to my order? 

Please email us at hello@projectratchet.com and we’ll see what we can do for you based on the stage of your order. We’re unable to cancel or edit any orders that have been dispatched.

What do I get with my order?

  • Ratchet Ring
  • Ring Box
  • Tool for cleaning
  • Spare spring [internal part]
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fool-Proof Guide to Quit Biting and Picking in 14 Days With the Ratchet Ring

We send the Ratchet Ring well protected: double boxed and with packing paper to ensure it does not bounce around inside the box.

Is it comfortable to wear?

79% of Ratchet Ring V2 owners report wearing their ring daily [2024 customer survey].

One of our main focuses when designing the Ratchet Ring was to make sure that it was comfortable to wear in daily life. This means that while the Ratchet Ring is thicker than most rings, it's thin enough to not bother your other fingers when wearing it.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do! For more information on this, check out our Shipping Policy.

Which sizes do you offer?

We currently offer 6 different sizes:

The diameter is the inner diameter of the ring. The dimensions are in millimeter (mm).

  • Size 7: 17mm inner diameter
  • Size 8: 18mm inner diameter
  • Size 9: 19mm inner diameter
  • Size 10: 20mm inner diameter
  • Size 11: 20.5mm inner diameter
  • Size 12: 21.5mm inner diameter
  • Size 13: 22.5mm inner diameter

If you do not know your size, you can check out our Size Guide.

Can I exchange my Ratchet Ring for a different size?

Yes - size exchanges are always available, as long as the original ring is without scratches or other signs of wear and the desired ring size is in stock. If you need to exchange your ring for a different size, please send us an email to hello@projectratchet.com and we will help you further there.

Please keep in mind that if we are sold out of your desired size, you may need to wait until we restock it.

We cannot offer cross-version size exchanges, i.e., exchanges from a Classic Steel ring to a Black Edition, or from a Ratchet Ring V1 to a Ratchet Ring V2.

Please note that we do not cover the cost of the return shipping, but we do cover the cost of shipping the new ring to you.

What material is the Ratchet Ring made of?

The Ratchet Ring is made of SUS316 Stainless Steel.

SUS316 is a highly durable and corrosion resistant grade of stainless steel.

The Black Edition Ratchet Rings have a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating, meaning an additional (and highly durable) layer of carbon with a diamond-like structure is added to the surface to change the color.

The reason that we went with SUS316 is because it has the perfect properties for the Ratchet Ring - hard, durable, and the most important part - minimal friction between moving parts, in this case, the inner and outer part of the Ratchet Ring. Other materials, such as titanium, have a more prominent friction between moving parts, referred to as galling. This creates unpleasant feelings and noises from the metal surfaces rubbing against each other.

How wide and thin is it?

The width and thickness of the Ratchet Ring is constant for all sizes and the measurements are:

  • Width: 7 mm
  • Thickness: 2.8 mm

How exactly will the Ratchet Ring help me with anxiety?

The Ratchet Ring acts a discreet outlet of any nervous or jittery energy you may have. When you feel anxious, turn the ring gently, feel the stimulation of the clicks, and take a few deep breaths.

The tactile clicks of the Ratchet Ring is something you will always have control over, even if the world around can seem like chaos. This will help you get back on track.

How does the Ratchet Ring help with focus?

The reason that the Ratchet Ring can help you increase your focus is because it provides simple, mindless stimulation that helps your brain concentrate on the primary task at hand, and steers it away from fleeting thoughts. The Ratchet Ring essentially helps your brain focus on one thing at a time by providing it with consistent stimulation that doesn’t require thought or advanced action.

You have probably experienced or witnessed this yourself - people curling hair, bouncing legs, or tapping their pens when they are trying to concentrate. The Ratchet Ring builds on this principle, but makes it better and does it more effectively, and without disturbing one's surroundings.

Studies show that there is a connection between fidgeting and more sustained ability to concentrate. A study from 2006 (Stalvey and Brasell, 2006), of children in the sixth grade showed that children who used a stress ball performed better in learning to write. A 2013 study (Farley et al., 2013) of ability to maintain focus during a 40-minute lecture found a positive relationship between fidgeting and greater ability to maintain knowledge.

Can the Ratchet Ring help with ADHD or Autism?

Yes! The positive effect of fidget toys and the Ratchet Ring can be even more pronounced in neurodivergent individuals. Neurodivergent people often have unique sensory and motor needs, and fidget toys can provide a way to meet those needs in a discreet and constructive way.

This includes people on the spectrum of Autism, who might enjoy them due to their inherent controllable stimulation and soothing effect, and individuals with Attention Deficit Disorders, who may feel a constant need for stimulation or need a source to conveniently relieve excess energy. 

Two great researchers and authors of the book “Fidget To Focus” put it like this: 

“If something we are engaged in is not interesting enough to sustain our focus, the additional sensory-motor input that is mildly stimulating, interesting, or entertaining allows our brains to become fully engaged and allows us to sustain focus on the primary activity in which we are participating.

- Roland Rotz, PhD, Sarah D. Wright, MS.

Is the Ratchet Ring waterproof?

Water will not damage the ring, but since the ring is not fully encapsulated (this would cause too much friction), water can find its way into the ring. This small amount of water will also find its way out with a few turns after the outer parts of the ring has dried up.

You can wash your hands or even shower with the Ratchet Ring, but you will notice a different feeling in the clicks for a while after. It goes back to normal after it dries up.

If you want to be extra careful with your Ratchet Ring, it can be wise to avoid contact with water and liquids as much as possible.

After the Ratchet Ring has become wet it is extra important to be careful about turning it in the wrong direction. The water and potential soap act as a lubricant and can make the ring more prone to turn in the wrong direction. After the Ratchet Ring has been in contact with water, turn the ring gently to help the water that potentially has found its way into the ring find its way out.

Do not wear the Ratchet Ring in the ocean or expose it to salt water - this can damage the internal mechanism of the ring.

This being said, we do recommend to try and keep the ring's exposure to water at a reasonable level. Excessive exposure to water and other liquids can affect the mechanical function of the ring.

Do you have any testimonials?

Yes, we do!

Here are a few of them:

"It’s so convenient, and sounds super satisfying too. Plus it looks like something James Bond would wear!”
- Vincent @Excessorize.Me

"It’s stylish. I like the fact that it doesn’t have a really thick profile, so it looks like a regular ring. And the feedback is real nice!”
- Melanie @EDCFidget

"I got to test it out for a day. I found that the stimulation helped me think. For the first time in years, I didn't pick my nails for a whole day."
- Elias S.

"The portability, the looks, the sound, and the feel makes it intriguing, and a great choice for everyday carry!"
- Kevin @LeftyEDC

To read more testimonials, you can check out our Reviews Page.

Can I lubricate the Ratchet Ring?

You can try lubricating your Ratchet Ring by adding a small amount of the liquid with a small brush to the spring of the ring - less than a drop.

Keep in mind that this will lead to the clicks becoming less distinct. It can also make the ring more prone to turn in both directions, which can damage the ring if done repeatedly.

If you are not satisfied with the result following the lubrication, you can always disassemble the ring and wash the lubrication off.

Make sure that the lubrication is non-toxic/ dangerous as it can come in contact with your skin. We recommend a small amount of Krytox GPL-1O5 to the spring. Read the product specifications carefully before use to make sure you are not allergic or otherwise at risk by adding it to your Ratchet Ring.

What is the little plastic coin that I received in my order?

The small black PETG material coin-looking thing that we recently started including in all orders is a tool used to disassemble the Ratchet Ring. This is included in case you ever need to open the ring up for an internal cleaning.

If you need help figuring out how to use it, please send us an email to hello@projectratchet.com, and we'll give you all the help you need.

How do I clean the Ratchet Ring internally?

Sometimes dirt can become stuck in the internal mechanism of the Ratchet Ring, leading to the turning becoming less smooth. Usually it comes out with a wash, but sometimes the particles can be a bit more resilient and require that the ring is dismantled and the internals cleaned.

To disassemble the Ratchet Ring without the risk of damaging or scratching it, you need a custom-made tool. This tool is easily 3D-printed, and we'd love to share the STL file for the design with you. Please email us at hello@projectratchet.com with the subject line "STL FILE" and your ring size, and we will send it over to you right away.

If you do not have access to a 3D printer we'll send a tool out to you, on the house.

We have a video showing how to use the tool to achieve a variety of different outcomes. If you would like watch this video, please send a request to hello@projectratchet.com.

This video is also linked via a QR-code on the white card included in your order. To access it, just scan the QR-code with your phone camera.

Why is the Black Edition more expensive?

The Ratchet Ring Black Edition cost €20 more than the classic steel as it has a DLC [Diamond Like Carbon] surface coating. This coating not only gives the ring its new color, but also comes with other benefits such as:

  • Superior wear and corrosion resistance 
  • High scratch resistance
  • Low friction coefficient (extremely smooth clicks)
  • Increased hardness

What is PVD/ DLC coating?

A Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) treatment is a coating process that revolves around depositing materials onto a substrate within a vacuum chamber to alter its appearance and/or qualities. 

The Ratchet Ring Black Edition features a DLC [Diamond Like Carbon] coating, which is a form of PVD where Carbon is deposited onto the ring to form a protective layer. This layer has a structure very similar to diamonds.

During PVD, solid materials undergo vaporization and subsequent condensation onto a target surface, resulting in the formation of a thin yet protective layer. This process enhances the substrate's attributes such as hardness, resistance to wear, protection against corrosion, and aesthetic appearance. Notably, PVD technology offers meticulous control over coating thickness and composition, thereby elevating durability and performance standards.