Ratchet Ring Black Edition - An Introduction to PVD

Ratchet Ring Black Edition - An Introduction to PVD

As you may know, the original Ratchet Ring had a stainless steel finish, and only came in that one version. It's minimalist, stylish, and it goes with pretty much everything. We still think it looks pretty darn good. It's timeless.

But we wanted to expand our views with the introduction of the Ratchet Ring V2. We wanted to be able to offer a few different versions, so that everyone can find something that fits their style. 

So we decided to make a black version. It felt like the natural course to take. We researched our options for making this happen, and came across a plethora of options. But our demands were high - we needed the solution to be durable, hard, and have minimal friction between the moving parts of the ring.

ratchet ring black edition product rendering

Finally, we settled on using DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) applied via the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process.

PVD is a meticulous coating process that works on the principle of transforming solid materials into vapor and depositing them onto a substrate.
The process begins in a vacuum chamber, where the coating material is heated until it evaporates or sublimates, creating a vapor cloud. This vapor then condenses onto the surface of the Ratchet Ring, forming a uniform coating.
PVD coating graphic diagram showing how the process works(Graphic via Samsung Display Newsroom)

PVD coatings are exceptionally thin, just a few micrometers thick, yet they offer incredible qualities:

  • Increased durability (scratch & wear resistance)
  • Extremely low friction coefficient
  • Strikingly beautiful finishes
  • Enhanced hardness

    The Ratchet Ring Black Edition features a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating, which is a way to use the PVD process to deposit a diamond like structure of carbon and graphite onto the surface, resulting in supreme hardness and minimal friction.

    DLC offers just the properties we value for the Ratchet Ring. When we got introduced to it, it was an easy choice. It not only gives the ring new horizons in terms of appearance, but in terms of functionality as well. The low friction coefficient has a prominent effect making each turn glide smoothly between the distinct clicks, like a cold stick of butter in a hot cast-iron pan.

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