How Fidget Toys Can Increase Focus

How Fidget Toys Can Increase Focus

Fidget toys are small objects that can be manipulated with the hands and offer some kind of stimulation or feedback. They are often used for stress relief, focus, relaxation, and to help handle restlessness. Fidget toys can also help people with various neurodivergent conditions to manage anxiety, increase focus, or stay calm. 

If you ever tap your feet, twirl your hair or play with your wedding ring, you’ll know what we’re talking about. 



Let's face it. Most of our day is filled up by stimulation – phone notifications, social media, interruptions, you name it. This makes it hard to find focus when we finally sit down to work.

A good fidget toy helps you manage this overdose of stimulation in a discreet and satisfying way that supports your focus. 

The reason that fidget toys can help you increase your focus is because they provide a simple, mindless stimulation that helps your mind concentrate on the task at hand, and steers it away from fleeting thoughts.

The fidget toy essentially helps your brain focus on one thing at a time by providing it with consistent stimulation that doesn’t require thought or advanced action.

A study from 2006 (Stalvey and Brasell, 2006), of children in the sixth grade showed that children who used a stress ball performed better in learning to write. A 2013 study (Farley et al., 2013) of ability to maintain focus during a 40-minute lecture found a positive relationship between fidgeting and greater ability to maintain knowledge.

The positive effect of fidget toys can be even more pronounced in neurodivergent individuals. Neurodivergent people often have unique sensory and motor needs. Fidget toys can provide a way to meet those needs in a discreet and constructive way.

This includes people on the spectrum of Autism, who might enjoy them due to their inherent controllable stimulation and soothing effect, and individuals with Attention Deficit Disorders, who may feel a constant need for stimulation or need a source to conveniently relieve excess energy. 

Two great researchers and authors of the book “fidget to focus” put it like this: 

quote from experts on the effect of fidget toys on focus

It’s important for a fidget toy to be discreet for it to be helpful in all environments and situations. This includes both size and sound. Many fidget toys are either bulky, loud, or way too obvious for people to be comfortable using whenever and wherever they get a craving.

This is one of the reasons we created the Ratchet Ring to be as discreet and convenient as possible. You simply wear it like any other ring when not enjoying its clicks and turns, and the world will know no better.

The Ratchet Ring is the perfect tool for anyone that prefers to stay under the radar.

Fidget toys are as much a way to support your hard-working brain as they are fun and satisfying things to carry and use. They can be a helpful tool for you to manage stress, increase focus, and stay calm. They offer a small, discreet outlet for nervous energy and provide a sense of stimulation that can help to keep the brain engaged and focused. 

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