How to Use The Ratchet Ring

How to Use The Ratchet Ring

Using the Ratchet Ring is a pretty straightforward and intuitive task, but there’s still a few things that are worth pointing out before you finally get the package home and can try it out yourself.

As you may know, the Ratchet Ring turns and clicks mechanically in one direction, unlike other fidget rings that just spin.

photo showcasing the correct direction to turn the ratchet ring in

You choose yourself whether you would like to turn the ring forward or backward by the way you wear your Ratchet Ring. 

If you try to turn the ring in the opposite direction, it will stop. However, if you use enough force, it can slip and turn in that direction too. But don’t worry, this does not hurt the ring, as long as it isn't done repeatedly.

Turning the ring against the way it's supposed to turn will not produce the same pleasant feeling as turning it in the same direction. 

The Ratchet Ring can be worn and used on all fingers, but is most widely used on either the ring finger or index finger. The ring finger is popular, well, because it’s the standard finger for rings, and some men and women use their Ratchet Ring as a wedding band.

The index finger is popular because it allows the easiest use by turning the ring with your thumb. Which finger you decide to wear your Ratchet Ring on is entirely up to you – it works great on all 10.

different ways of turning the ratchet ring


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