Ratchet Ring V1 vs. Ratchet Ring V2

Ratchet Ring V1 vs. Ratchet Ring V2

The first Ratchet Ring we ever released was the V1. This was via a crowdfunding campaign back in October of 2022. The campaign was a great success, and after the 30 day duration, we had almost 600 backers that had pledged money to help us make the Ratchet Ring a reality. As a thank you, they received a ring when we finished up production a few months later.

The Ratchet Ring V1 was a home-run and received an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars from reviewers. It was incredible hearing how it had helped people manage focus, feel less anxious in public, and help people with various neurodivergent conditions. It even got to serve as a few wedding bands.

We also received a lot of feedback from our early adopters. 

We quickly started building a list of things we wanted to improve on the Ratchet Ring. When we sold out our initial stock, we decided to take some time and implement this feedback before we made more. This was a hard decision as we practically had people begging us to release more.

But we think that it’s our duty to make sure that the Ratchet Ring is as good as it can be. So we went back to the drawing board.

The main objective of the re-design was to improve the durability of the mechanics and strengthen the spring (a small but vital internal part that makes the ring click). We also wanted to release some more designs. This had been high up on the list of requests since the very beginning.

After four months of meticulously designing and prototyping, we had the winner in our hands. This is the Ratchet Ring V2

These are the final improvements we made:

  • Updated mechanical design for improved durability, decreased wear on spring. This also created highly distinct and tactile clicks. 
  • New and highly specialized metal for the spring with just the right qualities demanded by the nature of the mechanism 
  • Ratchet Ring Black Edition. You can now choose between a steel or black finish for your ring

all finishes of the ratchet ring

The Black Edition rings undergo a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) physical vapour deposition treatment. This treatment not only gives the ring its new color, but also comes with benefits such as:

  • Superior wear resistance 
  • High scratch resistance
  • Low friction (extremely smooth clicks)
  • Increased hardness

The Ratchet Ring V1 share the same minimalist outward design. The magic happens on the inside with this upgrade.

The Ratchet Ring V2 is a durable piece of precision mechanics made with the utmost care and an eye for miniscule detail. It produces heaven-like clicks, and there’s a high chance you’ll become addicted. Most people find it very hard to put down when they’ve gotten used to having it, but thankfully it’s a good addiction. Don’t you think? 🙂

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