Introducing: Polar Ring™

Experience the silent bidirectional clicks generated by the magnetic attraction of 13+ strong neodymium magnets, hidden in a discreet ring.

Available in limited quantities on XYZ DATE XYZ TIME.

Lifetime Warranty, Size Swaps Available

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Discreet & Stealthy

Hit the ring lightly with your finger and you'll be greeted with soft, low-pitched clicks. Apply some pressure and it's as silent as the night.

Fast & Slow

Swiftly flick the ring to make click & turn for a few seconds before the magnetism stalls it. Click it slowly back and forth to enjoy the tactility.

Maintenance Free

The Polar Ring is designed and machined to last. As the magnets never actually touch, the mechanism sustains its integrity without intervention.

Six Minamalist Designs in
Eight Sizes

The Polar Ring is CNC machined in highly durable and corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel for a smooth, frictionless action.

The Black Edition has a Diamond Like Carbon [DLC] coating for a deep black finish that never peels or scuffs.

New to this drop is size 14, with an inner diameter of 23.5 mm. Size 9.5 has been excluded from this drop.

Six Finishes - A Look for Every Occasion

The Ratchet Ring is machined in highly durable and corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel for a smooth, frictionless action and distinct, tactile clicks.

The Black Edition has a Diamond Like Carbon [DLC] coating for a deep black finish that never peels or scratches.

The Seigaiha is finally making its comeback, both in the Classic Steel finish and the all-new Black Edition, along with the Cubic.

New to this drop is also the Two-Tone, featuring a golden inner ring and a Black Edition outer ring.

The same finishes will be released both for the Ratchet Ring and the Polar Ring.

With over 100 different size, design, and version combinations, each will be released in just 4-75 units. Make sure to be there in time to secure yours.



A Tool For Composure

The Polar Ring is a tool. A tool to finally get rid of the leg shaking, nail biting, and other forms of nervous fidgeting we do to entertain our body.

Experience the effects of superior stimulation from the rewarding clicks of the Polar Ring - without neglecting your body language or disturbing your surroundings.

Everything You Need To Know In One Video

Some click it with one hand, some with two. Some spin it, some turn it slowly, enjoying each individual click. Some go one-two-three in one direction and then flick it back.

When it comes to how you click your Polar Ring, the possibilities are endless.

Ratchet Ring & Polar Ring - Two Best Friends

The Polar Ring and the Ratchet Ring complement each other like salt and pepper. What one of them may lack, the other one makes up for.

The Ratchet Ring delivers distinct, audible clicks in one direction, perfect for the home. The Polar Ring produces soft, silent clicks, perfect for public spaces.

The Ratchet Ring is mechanical and turns in one direction. The Polar Ring works using magnets and turns both back and forth.

A Force Of Nature

The feeling of the magnetic attraction, without the magnets touching, is a wonderful feeling of a force of nature that can be hard to grasp.

Harnessing this force around your very finger makes the Polar Ring truly special.

Because where do the clicks come from - when there's no clicking mechanism?

Knowing that it is a force of magnetic attraction that is making the clicks happen makes them ever more exciting.

Perfect for...

Office & Classroom

Use the tactile stimulation to laser-focus onto the task at hand without your surroundings hearing a thing.

Winding Down

Whether you're in front of the tv with your family or in solitude enjoying a good book, the bi-directional clicks help bring clarity of thought and relaxation through the inherent sense of control.

The Daily Commute

Entertain your hands with the simple pleasure of clicking your Polar Ring anytime you're bored.

Father & Son Team

On a quest to achieve the perfect clicks

The Ratchet Ring has a sibling!

After learning our customers wishes through a survey in the beginning of 2024, we worked tirelessly to create a ring with silent bi-directional clicks utilizing the power of magnets.

After six months of prototyping and designing, the Polar Ring was born.

A symphony of silent tactility, comfort and durability, six designs for all tastes and styles, and a whole new realm of satisfying.

The Polar Ring is CNC machined out of three main parts and houses between 14-19 N52 magnets depending on the ring size.

The magnets are set by hand and the ring is quality tested in-house to ensure you receive a masterpiece of engineering and machining, made to last a lifetime.

Maintenance Free

Thanks to the fact that the magnets never actually touch, the mechanism has minimal metal-to-metal interaction and no mechanical wear.

Through extensive testing, we've found that this makes the Polar Ring close to being 100% maintenance free.

We will still include a tool with your order for emergencies.

The only instance we found of wear and tear is from extensively flicking a non-Black Edition ring at high speeds. We recommend to keep this to a minimum. Thanks to the DLC coating, this is not something you have to keep in mind for the Black Edition rings.

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