Anders and August, founders of Project Ratchet standing over Stockholm talking about the Ratchet Ring

Our Story

Project Ratchet was founded by August (son) and Anders (father) in Stockholm, Sweden in early 2021.

The original idea behind the Ratchet Ring has been in Anders’ dreams for over 10 years, but he never came far in creating it - until we agreed that we would do it together. We have a love for well-built stuff, and we think that being able to focus deeply is a superpower.

From the first idea, to creating the Ratchet Ring from nothing but a vision - to a successful crowdfunding with the support of 800+ backers, it's safe to say its's been a wild ride!

Check Out The Ratchet Ring

If it’s not satisfying, precision-machined, and minimalist designed, we don’t make it.

Crafting the Ratchet Ring as we envisioned it proved to take time. Early on we decided that there were going to be no compromises in design and function in regards to the time and resources we spent developing it. We had a zero-tolerance for a subpar fit of parts, and a sound and feeling less than absolute perfection.

This resulted in us going through 4 different engineers and 3 different manufacturers over the course of 1.5 years to find the best - and achieve that perfect fit in parts, crisp sound, and pure mechanical tactility.

August & Anders Hektor


What the Ratchet Ring stands for 

Everyone has goals to reach. Challenges to overcome. Dreams to achieve. We want each turn of the ring to remind you of them. Let the Ratchet Ring become a companion in becoming the best version of yourself. Moving forward, click by click, day by day, unrelenting.